The Phlegraean Fields are a land scattered with beauties, historical and archaeological testimonies; it is a unique world, the paradigm of “great beauty”, between lakes, hills, terrestrial and submerged archeology, volcanoes, historical testimonies, breathtaking landscapes, nature trails. Between myths and legends in our land you can breathe culture. The cultural goddess who should have always guided strategic choices on the role of this territory in the world and over time. By combining the beauty of the places, which a generous nature has granted us, a beauty of the materialities to be placed on this land, archetype of the concentration of history and landscape.

A culture that must represent the guiding idea of ​​the area. A land to be lived as an experience of the soul, accompanied by the combination of myth, history, archeology, volcanism in paths steeped in poignant scenic beauty.

Tourist entrepreneurs, social enterprises and the numerous associations present in the area, the true social capital of this land, network, through Campi Flegrei Active, to start and implement a virtuous process of “construction” of a new Flegrean city, an enhancement through the experiences to be lived, providing new and dynamic contents to the cultural offer, prestigious and necessary, but not sufficient to guarantee complete visitor satisfaction

The guiding idea that must accompany the process of generalization and dissemination of territorial beauty is quality and knowledge.

This is what Federalberghi Campi Flegrei is trying to promote among the associates and the vast array of tourism entrepreneurs who gravitate to the area: structuring and characterizing an ever-increasing quality offer; aware that the territorial promotion activity, which has seen us engaged for decades in the most important European trade fairs in the sector, would leave the time it finds if not combined with an offer that is always up to date, always competitive and always of increasing quality.

The dream is to restore splendor to an area in which permanent tourism and high-value-added quality commuter tourism can coexist. Activities that are thus able to seasonally adjust tourist flows and avoid a Sunday “diseconomy” that creates precariousness and forces us to structure a necessarily low-profile offer.

Making quality is giving to the territory; it is a duty because you love it; it is a commitment to render what he has given us in terms of beauty; it is gratification because the territory comes alive and returns the quality commitment made in terms of gratification

Roberto Laringe
CEO Federalberghi Campi Flegrei