Matches are won with talent, but championships are won with teamwork and intelligence.
(Michael Jordan)

This is the spirit with which Campi Flegrei Active was born, working together to exponentially increase the resources of the territory, achieving our goals step by step:

  • Create an integrated, guaranteed and competitive tourist offer on the market
  • Communicate and promote the Campi Flegrei in a coordinated and targeted manner
    Coordinate and plan the tourist offer of the Phlegraean Fields from an experiential perspective
  • To represent a stable reference for tour operators who intend to interact with the Phlegraean territory
  • Create a destination portal (D.M.S.) that provides the tourist with a one-stop-shop for the entire Phlegraean tourist offer and that represents a guarantee of quality and certainty of the offer.
  • Develop synergies with public bodies, so that we can collaborate together to solve the critical issues of the territory in the context of tourism development
  • Perform functions of Destination Management Organization (D.M.O.)