“Thousands, millions of individuals work, produce … It’s the natural vocation that drives them, not just the thirst for money. The taste, the pride of seeing one’s company prosper, acquire credit, inspire trust in ever-growing clientele, expand the plants, beautify the offices, all constitute a driving force for progress as powerful as earnings”
L. Einaudi

The NETWORK is an instrument of collaboration and cooperation between entrepreneurs, in our case we have chosen to found a subject network that guarantees stability for our partners and interlocutors.

Staying together implies a great assumption of responsibility, it is a commitment and above all it is an indication of a business community that is growing and is ready to take on new responsibilities in order to make a qualitative leap in the world of tourism.

The Campi Flegrei Active Business Network was established on 10th June 2021 and is made up of 20 important companies in the Phlegraean tourism supply chain, it deals with the financing and strategic coordination of the project:

  • Prepares the action plan of the project
  • It analyzes and intercepts both public and private funding opportunities
  • Analyzes the data shared by networks and the community to process market research and create a complete analysis of the destination, and from there to develop a promotion and marketing plan
  • Communicates and promotes the project and destination through relations with Tour Operators, representation in sector fairs, development and coordination of products
  • Organize educational and promotional activities
  • Constantly scouting for innovative products in the area
  • It collaborates and supports the institutions in strategic tourism planning