Bacoli-Piscina Mirabilis

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This sailors’ city preserves Roman monuments and stunning beaches. From the port of nearby Miseno, the Romans installed the military fleet, while in Baia, the emperors spent their holidays in the large imperial residence full of thermal facilities activated by natural hot springs. The church of S. Anna in the Ancient Center overlooks Lake Miseno. Numerous restaurants offer the opportunity to taste the typical cuisine based on seafood.

By contacting our guides a little in advance, you can organize a walking tour of the historic center, see the ancient church of S. Sossio, discover the traditions of this pleasant seaside town, the archaeological sites and taste DOC wines in outstanding and panoramic vineyards.

Piscina Mirabilis

In the heart of the town, there is one of the largest Roman cisterns ever built. The Piscina Mirabilis guaranteed the water supply to the Miseno fleet. It was the terminal of the Serino-Roman aqueduct, which ran for about 100 kilometers from the Irpinia mountains up to the Phlegraean coast.

Reservation required! From the Villa Comunale of Bacoli, head towards Via Miseno, 19 (Ristorante Il Garum), go up the stairs of Via Campi Elisi to the ticket office of the Piscina Mirabilis, located on the ground floor of the Palazzo del Pio Monte della Misericordia in via Campi Elisi, 1.

Marina Grande

The Bacoli pier offers a beautiful view and the remains (some of which are submerged) of a Roman villa. The structure is known as the “Tomb of Agrippina” stands out, actually a small private theater. Here a popular legend places the burial of Emperor Nero’s mother, killed at the behest of the mad emperor.

Located a few minutes from the center of Bacoli, the suggestive port of Marina Grande offers the opportunity to enjoy
1. a small free beach,
2. seaside restaurants,
3. SPASS (via Agrippina 14, Bacoli, Campania): stand up paddle (SUP) school, where you can book SUP lessons, or go on an excursion along the coast.

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